Certification and Development

Certification Overview

Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery and growth.

The standards by which coaching mastery is measured at the IAC® reinforces leading edge communication skills and time honored philosophical archetypes. The IAC® certified coach demonstrates an astute understanding of their clients, in such a way that allows consummate success. This is the hallmark of the IAC® certified coach, and all of these qualities are reflected in our certification which we refer to as the Masteries.

This certification process requires accomplished skill, and a thorough comprehension of that skill. Although no one particular coach training method is required, it’s essential that knowledge and application of these skill sets are mastered.

The first part of the certification process is an online test that evaluates your knowledge and awareness of the masteries, legal, and ethical standards. The second part involves the submission of recorded coaching sessions, where you demonstrate the practical application. The certifying board will evaluate how well you apply the standards in your recorded coaching sessions. There are two levels of certification for which you may be eligible. The Certified Masteries Coach, or CMC, or the Master Masteries Coach, or MMC.

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