Certification Process

The Certification Process

  1. Learn and Integrate the IAC Coaching Masteries™ into your life and practice
  2. Be sure your membership is current
  3. Try the Part One sample test (free)
  4. Pay $97 for the online exam
  5. Take and pass the online exam. Results are compiled upon completion
  6. Review requirements for the oral exam
  7. Prepare for the oral exam by recording as many coaching sessions as necessary until you are demonstrating fully the nine Coaching Masteries™
  8. Pay the $500.00 certification submission fee, and submit two recorded coaching sessions, with two different clients, for evaluation. (Please thoroughly review the guidelines)
    A score sheet with certifiers’ comments will be mailed with 6-8 weeks of submitting recordings. In some instances, applicants may be invited to an interview with the certifiers to address questions about specific Masteries. In these cases, the score sheet and certification decision will be provided following completion of this interview
  9. If you are not already and IAC Masteries Practitioner, or have not previously submitted your first IAC Learning Agreement:
    12 months from your certification date, develop your first personalized Learning Agreement. Pay the $150.00 fee, and submit your Learning Agreement Proposal and schedule a review with a certifier
  10. Continue submitting annual personalized Learning Agreements and maintain your annual membership fee to keep your MMC, CC, or Masteries Practitioner status current.

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