Our mission at IAC® is to inspire the on-going evolution and application of universal coaching standards. However this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Coaching standards evolve and are applied by masterful coaches who meet with one another, face- to-face. Coaches who share client experiences, great ideas, lessons learned, and useful resources. And who collaborate with one another on new ways to raise the field of coaching to an even higher level of value, ethics, and professionalism.

This is happening in local, active IAC chapters around the world as coaches gather to:

  • Hear inspiring talks by industry leaders in coaching and other related fields that share their knowledge and expertise
  • Attend workshops, seminars and practice sessions to hone current skills and try new techniques to advance their coaching proficiency
  • Participate in thought-provoking discussions on issues relevant to clients, coaching, and the growing global influence of our field
  • Networking with new and established coaches to create strong relationships for referrals, mentoring, or collaborative ventures
  • Develop themselves professionally through additional education and certification support for coaching mastery
  • Create a communication forum and common voice for coaches within their local business and social communities
  • Support fellow chapter members through friendship, laughter, and genuine concern for one another’s success

Whether you are new to coaching or a master coach with years of experience, the value of meeting with like-minded professionals is immeasurable.

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