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IAC®’s Masteries Licensing program authorizes coach mentors who are IAC® members and coach training organizations with a current IAC® member representative to incorporate The IAC Coaching Masteries® into their commercial mentoring or training programs. With this access to the Masteries, Licensees can assist clients or students in becoming IAC® certified, and leverage IAC®’s rigorous certification process to further promote coaching excellence and professionalism.

Licensees are granted the title of IAC Coaching Masteries® Authorized Licensee and receive a logo with an embedded link to a web page that explains what it means to be an Authorized Licensee. Licensees have a professional listing and link on IAC®’s web site, raising their visibility with potential clients and students. Our licensed schools and mentors are valued partners in the achievement of coaching mastery. However, because of the necessity of the certification process remaining completely independent of the training process, the IAC® is not in a position to endorse or accredit Licensees.

Under the commercial license agreement, the Licensee may include the IAC Coaching Masteries®, unaltered and with copyright notice, as part of a product and/or service (e.g., coach training program, training audio or video product, virtual study group, etc.).

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IAC® will provide official language translations of The IAC Coaching Masteries® upon request. If translation in a particular language is not available, Licensees must obtain permission from IAC® to create an official translation, subject to final review by IAC® before distributing.

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