Licensing Agreement and Payment

Licensing Agreement/Payment

IAC Coaching Masteries® Licensing

The IAC® offers the following licencing options for coaching mentors and schools who wish to incorporate The Coaching Masteries® into their commercial mentoring or training programs in order to assist their clients or students in becoming IAC® certified,

The Coaching Masteries® License options:

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Revised IAC® Licensure Reaurements

  1. By January 1, 2015, every individual, school or organization licensed to use the IAC Coaching Masteries® in its curriculum must have on its staff at least one coach who is certified in the IAC Coaching Masteries®. In order to fulfill this requirement, the coach (or coaches) who teach the IAC Coaching Masteries® must, as a minimum, have earned the IAC® Masteries Practitioner (MP) designation. This signifies that the holder of the MP designation is a current IAC® member, has passed the IAC® written exam, and has a Learning Agreement approved by an IAC® Certifier.
  2. New applicants for IAC® Licensure may be allowed a grace period to complete this Masteries Practitioner requirement, as indicated in the licensee’s handbook. However, ALL new licensees must fulfill the MP requirement by January 1, 2015. All applicants for licensure renewal during 2014 must describe how the MP requirement will be met by January 1, 2015.
  3. Every licensee is accountable to its students for the content of the licensee’s training program. The IAC® will not oversee the curriculum, the instruction or the use of the IAC Coaching Masteries® in licensee training programs.
  4. IAC® will publish on its website the name of the licensee, school or program, the name of the accountable coach or the curriculum, the level of IAC Certification™ he/she holds (MC/CMC/MCC) and a link to the licensee organization’s website.

To become an IAC Coaching Masteries® Authorized Licensee, please request an application form from the Licensing Committee.

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